We transform small businesses.  We’re here to partner with you to make that happen.

As a firm that was born in technology and built for business, we partner with businesses who want to drive progress, and deliver results. As architects of business evolution, we’re not just in the business of providing services; we’re here to co-create success stories. Our commitment to the growth and triumph of small businesses is unwavering, and our unique partnership model is tailored to the dreams and needs of every entrepreneur we collaborate with. 

Built By & For Entrepreneurs

Envisioning a future where every small enterprise realizes its utmost potential, we, at Twelve31, are on a mission to bring this vision to life. Crafted by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we offer personalized solutions, unwavering support, and a unique partnership approach. Together, we navigate through challenges, transforming them into opportunities and turning aspirations into measurable achievements.

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Navigating Business Evolution Together

Explore Twelve31’s extensive range of services, each tailored specifically for SMBs, including innovative technology solutions, small business lending, M&A, and direct acquisition strategies. 

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Great partnerships start with the right questions.