Strategic Business Acquisitions

Focus on your situation

We focus on working with small businesses owners whose businesses are undergoing change and can benefit from Twelve31’s technology, operational, and strategic approach. Twelve31 works as an independent sponsor of Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicles (SPVs) and with independent search funds to identify and partner with these small businesses.

We prioritize strategy over risk aversion when setting our criteria. As your partner, we alleviate your burden by taking on a controlling interest in each partner company, ensuring our unwavering personal and professional commitment from the very beginning. Our work with SPVs and search funds allows us to effectively target and acquire businesses where our expertise can drive the most value and positive transformation.

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What We’re Looking For

We focus on the following criteria:

  • Durable demand for the product or service
  • Strong local or regional market position
  • Track record of historical profitability
  • Revenues over $1 million+
  • Committed management team with aspirations for the future

If you’re thinking about selling your company, and your current business model aligns with our criteria, get in touch.

There is no “one type” of Twelve31 transaction – instead, we focus on situations where we can create value either through technology enhancement, our operating skills, or speed of execution.

We maintain a focused acquisition strategy that has been driven by our background in operating and managing technology and internet businesses.

Twelve31 has a team of professionals that possess the core competencies of a traditional corporate management team. In addition, we have partner experts in sales & marketing, accounting & tax, facilities, finance, human resources, information technology and legal.

In structuring transactions, we take a creative and flexible approach and can structure transactions to best serve the specific circumstances of the opportunity and the parties involved.

All our investments are financed through our network of institutional investors, family investment offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.