Our Guiding Principles

At Twelve31, our foundation is built upon nine guiding principles that shape everything we do. From putting people first and acting with resolve, to embracing passion and thinking differently, these principles reflect our commitment to excellence and drive our success. They are the bedrock of our culture and the force behind our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Our Foundation

The Foundation of Twelve31

1. People Not Plans

A strong team is essential for the successful execution of even the most well-crafted plans. With the right team in place, the possibilities are endless.

2. Act With Resolve

Making difficult decisions can be challenging, but they are necessary for the overall well-being of the group.

3. Open Lines of Communication

Accessibility and open lines of communication are key for a leader to be successful. A leader who is not approachable by the team, is not leading.

Our Foundation

4. Be Committed to Succeed

Commitment, risk, success, and failure are interconnected. Without commitment, the risk of failure increases, and the ability to fully commit is a major factor in achieving success.

5. Every Situation is New

Avoid making assumptions, as every deal is different. Approach each one with a unique perspective.

6. Never be Limited by Perceptions

Success knows no bounds as long as you do not impose limitations on yourself or let others do it for you.

Our Foundation

7. Passion

When you are passionate about what you do, seemingly impossible goals can be accomplished.

8. Take Risks

In order to grow, you must push your limits. Learn from mistakes, adjust, and keep moving forward.

9. Think Different

Seek unconventional solutions and challenge the status quo to stand out and achieve success.

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