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We help ‘create’ great companies, not just discover them.  What do you do?

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Our Approach

At Twelve31, we believe that collaborating with entrepreneurs and utilizing our resources can unlock a business’s complete potential. Our approach involves identifying challenges that can be addressed through technology and developing customized strategies in partnership with the business. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the company’s growth and enable it to achieve success.


Growth Support

Twelve31 Ventures partners with companies it understands and provides financial and management resources to support growth.


Managed Empowerment

Twelve31 takes a “managed entrepreneurship” approach, empowering companies to manage day-to-day operations after a strategy is worked out.


Relationship Nurturing

Twelve31 Ventures focuses on entry strategies, nurturing employee skill sets and customer relationships to support long-term growth and increased value.

Let’s start an adventure together

Twelve31 Ventures is not a traditional accelerator, incubator, or venture capital firm. We are a venture builder. As former founders ourselves, our partners and us have a wealth of experience in areas including strategic management, business development, software and application development, growth marketing, UI and UX design.

Alongside our limited partners, we provide exceptional founders with access to capital, resources, operational support, experience, infrastructure and world class technology team to create valuable and sustainable businesses to scale up or take ideas from concept stage (seed) to launch and scale (maturity).

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