Business Operations

Leveraging Twelve31’s expertise and network to help strengthen and grow our clients’ businesses as we do our own portfolio companies.

Twelve31 partners with small business owners to create purposeful, valuable, & growth-oriented businesses

Twelve31’s Network of Resources

Twelve31 works with clients all over the country, which gives us a wide range of perspectives, connections, and opportunities for growth. This diverse client base creates a powerful network of recources for our partner companies.

Experienced Partners

Twelve31’s advisors — along with our experienced advisor community — are operating executives with the “been there done that” expertise across the small business lifecycle. As partners to our client companies, we provide both empathy and experience as we help our partners create and accelerate value.

Capabilities and Expertise

By providing strategic brand thinking at the beginning of the value creation process, we help companies become more cohesive, integrated, ambitious and valuable.

We use our experience and resources to enhance the procurement process for our partner companies, securing better pricing, terms, and customer service from suppliers.

We help small businesses align their IT roadmap and business transformation strategies to their long-term business objectives.

We help clients increase EBITDA by uncovering root causes, improving processes and managing transformation initiatives effectively.

We help small businesses improve leadership and organizational effectiveness throughout their lifecycle, by building and strengthening high-performance teams, aligning structure, compensation and culture with strategy.

We help our Sales Leaders build their teams and boost sales growth by providing support and connections. We also ensure that our client partners share practices, benefit from operational and commercial synergies, use Twelve31’s resources effectively, and communicate with businesses and partners.

Get in touch

If you are interested in speaking with Twelve31 about working together, there are a number of ways we can make that happen. Send us a note and the right person in touch with you, or you could give us a call.