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Twelve31 adopts a unique M&A advisory approach compared to conventional business brokers or M&A advisors. By considering our clients and partner businesses within a broader portfolio context, we apply an “Owner/Investor” perspective to M&A, ensuring optimal value in our transactions.

Think and move fast

In a dynamic business landscape, Twelve31’s M&A practice exemplifies agility and critical thinking, ensuring businesses adapt, evolve, and capitalize on opportunities swiftly. We blend informed decision-making with timely action, navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions with precision. With Twelve31, you gain a partner adept in moving quickly, with purpose and direction, fueling your journey towards sustainable growth and evolution.

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Guided Expertise: Your Partners in Business Evolution

Embedding ourselves in your journey, we at Twelve31 serve as more than just consultants; we are your trusted advisors in mergers and acquisitions. With a deep understanding of your unique business dynamics, we offer strategic, personalized advice, aligned with your aspirations. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and a partnership approach fosters a relationship built on trust, ensuring you have a dedicated ally invested in your evolutionary success.

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Maximize the Value of Your Business with Our Process

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise with Twelve31’s strategic M&A process. We delve deep to understand the unique facets of your business, employing a meticulous approach to identify growth opportunities and enhance value. Our partnership model aligns our success with yours, ensuring a vested interest in maximizing your business’s value. Through personalized solutions, insightful strategies, and unwavering support, Twelve31 is dedicated to driving your business towards unparalleled growth and ensuring you realize optimal value at every stage of the journey.

Our Process

At Twelve31, we embody the essence of entrepreneurial vision, understanding the pursuit of uniqueness and the freedom it brings.

We realize that for many small business owners, the thought of selling their business is a terrain less traversed. It’s this realization that fuels our commitment to be more than just an intermediary; we are your partner in navigating this journey, ensuring the story of your business is told, valued, and transitioned accurately.

Step 1: Comprehensive Analysis & Valuation
Our process begins with a detailed analysis and valuation, laying the foundation for a tailored approach that identifies growth avenues and establishes a baseline value for your business. This insight into the unique aspects of your venture sets the stage for a strategic partnership, ensuring a personalized and well-informed path forward.

Step 2: Personalized Strategic Development
Our partnership evolves with the co-creation of a personalized strategic development plan, focused on optimizing operations, leveraging innovation, and uncovering market opportunities. We align our strategies with your vision, establishing a framework for scalable growth and evolution.

Step 3: Implementation & Value Enhancement
With a bespoke strategy, we shift gears towards implementation, focusing on enhancing your business value. Our success is intertwined with yours, demonstrating our commitment through unwavering support and resource allocation to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Step 4: Structured Deal Closure
As we navigate towards enhanced value and growth, we guide you through every facet of a structured deal closure. Our commitment to transparency, compliance, and maximizing shareholder value ensures a seamless transition and a prosperous continuation of your business legacy.

Our approach is anchored in cultivating relationships with a curated network of serious entrepreneurs and buyers, utilizing unique strategies to find those who will appreciate and offer maximum value for your business. The meticulous planning, professional presentation, and strategic engagement with multiple buyers are all orchestrated to position your business optimally, creating a competitive landscape that leads to unparalleled value.

By being your dedicated advisor and managing the nuanced elements of the sale, we enable you to maintain your focus on the daily operations, ensuring the continual growth and profitability of your business. With Twelve31, you’re not just facilitating a transaction; you’re securing a future where the value and legacy of your entrepreneurial journey are acknowledged and celebrated.