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In today’s pharmacy environment, owning and operating an independent pharmacy can be a challenge.  We understand that the sale or purchase of a pharmacy is an incredibly important decision; one that includes a variety of personal considerations and financial implications.

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Selling a Pharmacy

If you are looking at selling an independent pharmacy, there is a step-by-step approach that we’ve developed that establishes the selling process, which also simplifies the entire selling experience from initial consultation, to the closing date and beyond.

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Pharmacy Valuations

The pharmacy valuation process is an important part of the pharmacy transition process.Pharmacy valuations for chains typically involve total script volume, anticipated retention and average price per script.The process for independent buyers is quite different.For an independent buyer, determining pharmacy value includes variables such as gross sales, adjusted discretionary income, and the value of your assets.

Buying a Pharmacy

Buying a pharmacy requires a team of trusted experts. You will need financial support to ensure your bottom-line issues are addressed and legal support to ensure that your long-term interests are protected. Partnering with experts who have been through the process, and know it well, is invaluable.

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Our team of friendly, experienced and highly-skilled M&A professionals employ the most efficient, value-creating, and user-friendly process in the industry, which enables us to provide an indication of interest very promptly. We understand this is an important decision and want you to be fully informed regarding all possible options, including the potential sale of your pharmacy business, in order to make the best decision for your organization and your patients.

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