Small Business Referral Program

Get Paid For Helping Small Business Owners Succeed

Do you know a business owner who is looking to sell or finance their business?

Even if you don’t own a business for sale or are not in the market to purchase one, you may know someone who needs help selling or financing their business growth. Our expertise can greatly benefit them, and you can earn a referral fee and commission from us.

You’ll receive 20% of Twelve31’s net sales side commission for each successful referral that results in a business listing agreement and a sale. Your commission will be paid out once we have received ours. The commission rate we earn may vary due to several factors, but a referral fee of $5,000 or more is common.

By referring family members or associates, you can not only assist them but also generate a bonus for yourself or establish a recurring source of income from multiple referrals throughout the year.

How Does It Work?

You can receive a finder’s fee from Twelve31 for referrals under the following conditions:

  1. The business being referred is not currently in touch with or registered in the Twelve31 system.
  2. The person making the referral has signed and submitted the referral agreement to Twelve31.
  3. Twelve31 has accepted the referral agreement and returned a signed copy to the referrer.
  4. The agreement terms state a payment of 20% of the net sell side commission upon the closing of the sale, which will be paid to the referrer for businesses that have signed contracts.

Your Information Is Secure.

We value maintaining the strength of your relationship with your friend or relative, so you can reach us in confidence, and we will discreetly reach out to the business owner without revealing your involvement unless you give us permission to do so. To ensure a successful sale and receive your commission, it’s crucial to refer businesses that are good prospects. We’ll determine their suitability after we have contacted the person you referred. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your referrals, and we’ll gather the required information from you to approach your referral.


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The Legal Information

Twelve31 will pay the referring party as follows: (subject to final signed agreement) 20% of the net sell side commission paid to Twelve31 at the time the transaction is completed. The fee will be paid to the referring party within 15 days of the time the business is funded and the amount due Twelve31 is paid.

Why Partner With Twelve31?

Your success is our priority as your valued business intermediary & advisory firm.