Acquisition Services


The Right Opportunity

Whether you are an experienced business owner or a first-time buyer who is intimidated by the process, Twelve31’s advisors can make the process of acquiring a business manageable.

At Twelve31, we are committed to making the process of acquiring a business as easy as possible.

Acquisition Assistance

If you have already identified a company to acquire, you can engage Twelve31 to assist in approaching, qualifying, valuing, appraising and completing the transaction.

We devise a plan to support your ownership requirements, locate sources of equity and debt to finance the purchase. We manage the due diligence process, execute purchase agreements and complete the deal, including post-closing adjustments. In every case, you benefit from professional and confidential advice.

Full Acquisition Search

In these cases, we develop a tailored acquisition strategy that considers the strategic fit and ideal profile of companies that you should acquire.

We examine the type of industry, revenue range, employee count, cash flow, location, valuation, management capabilities and integration risks.

We search for companies through our vast network of business owners, private-equity groups, fund managers, investors, industry associations and other relevant sources. The result is a diverse pool of qualified buyer candidates.

Our services include strategy development, completion of due diligence and working to ensure a timely, successful acquisition and integration plan.

Our client’s identity is not revealed to potential acquisition targets until or unless the client approves of the targeted company.

Buy Side Advisory Fee Structure