The classic way to boost your small business.

Business Term Loans

The Classic Small Business Loan

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Understanding Business Term Loan

Loan Amount


Time to Fund

As Soon As 24 Hours

Loan Terms

1-5 Years

Interest Rate

As Low as 6%

Small Business-Friendly

We all love a classic because it’s tried and true. The same goes for a business term loan—it’s a stable, flexible way to get more working capital, grow your business, and build your credit. If you’re craving a simple small business financing solution, this is it.

Check Eligibility

Minimum Requirements For a Business Term Loan.

If your business doesn’t match some of the qualifiers below, it may be more challenging to receive funding from our lending partners.

600 or higher

at least $8K

6 months or more

Get Quick Loan Offers from Multiple Lenders

Credit approval is more flexible with this type of commercial banking because the equipment is used as collateral to secure the financing.

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