Preparing Your Business For Sale Using a Business Broker

Selling a business can take a lot of time and energy. By making use of our services you will understand more about why you need to carefully plan the sale of your business to maximize profits.

When should I sell my business?

Before you can even start thinking about selling your business you will need to go through a process of marketability. With the help of our expertise you will gain more knowledge to assist you in the selling of your business. Any changes we suggest that you make, such as deciding on a different selling time, will raise the value of your business before it is made available on the market.

Our first meeting will cover the actions that need to be taken in preparation of sale. When presenting information to possible buyers you will need to provide them as much detail as possible about your business.

Should I use a business broker?

Considering using a business brokerage? Take these key questions into account when selecting the right broker: 

  1. What kind of sales are they specialized in? Do they specifically sell businesses or are they selling businesses on the side of a real estate operation?
  2. Will you be working with an industry-specific broker? How much experience do they have?
  3. Have they received positive feedback from previous clients?
  4. What are their views on qualifications and ethics?

You may still be unsure about using a business broker, but there are many advantages. A broker will deal with extra tasks such as answering calls, working with future buyers, and handling finances that could get in the way of your daily workload. Using a business broker will also ensure that your sale remains private. If you decide to sell the business yourself it may not be so easy to keep this information quiet as prospective buyers will be in direct contact.

Why you should use Twelve31 Advisors:

We have compiled an extensive database of qualified buyers who are serious about buying businesses.  Our registered buyers are given the opportunity to purchase businesses before they are even put on the market. Using this method we are able to move away from heavily marketing businesses, connecting buyers and sellers without having to list the business for sale.  Not only does this reduce the cost of selling, but it upholds the utmost discretion during the selling process.

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