Twelve31 Ventures Forms Hawkeye Home Services, Inc. to Drive Growth in Home Service Industry

Omaha, NE – Twelve31 Ventures, LLC is excited to announce the formation of Hawkeye Home Services, Inc., a platform company dedicated to the rollup acquisition of home service businesses in SW Iowa and SE Nebraska areas. The new entity will operate as a holding company, with the aim of acquiring and integrating home service companies that provide HVAC, plumbing, cleaning, and related services.

Rollup acquisitions are a proven strategy for consolidating fragmented markets and creating value for investors and customers alike. By acquiring and integrating multiple companies, Hawkeye Home Services will be able to achieve economies of scale and reduce operational costs, while also providing customers with a wider range of services and a more streamlined experience.

“We see a significant opportunity in the home service industry in SW Iowa and SE Nebraska areas,” said Chris Lausten, Managing Director of Twelve31 Ventures, LLC. “By bringing together multiple businesses under the Hawkeye Home Services brand, we believe we can create a more efficient, customer-focused platform that will be well positioned for growth and success.”

Hawkeye Home Services will focus on acquiring companies that have a strong reputation for quality service, established customer bases, and experienced management teams. The new entity will work closely with acquired companies to ensure a smooth transition and integration process and will provide ongoing support to help them grow and succeed under the Hawkeye Home Services banner.

“We are excited about the potential of this new platform and the value it will bring to our customers and investors,” said Lausten. “We look forward to working with home service businesses in the region to build a stronger, more integrated industry that delivers outstanding service to customers and strong returns for investors.”

About Twelve31 Ventures, LLC

Twelve31 Ventures is a venture builder that distinguishes itself from traditional accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms. Its partners have a wealth of experience in strategic management, business development, software and application development, growth marketing, UI and UX design, having been former founders themselves. Along with their limited partners, Twelve31 Ventures provides exceptional founders with access to capital, resources, operational support, experience, infrastructure, and a world-class technology team to create valuable and sustainable businesses. Their mission is to help startups scale up or take ideas from the concept stage (seed) to launch and scale (maturity).

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